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Wednesday Midday - 2pm
& 5pm - 10pm
Thursday Midday - 2pm
& 5pm - 10pm
Friday Midday - 11pm
Saturday Midday - 11pm
Sunday Midday - 4pm

You can book a table via the reservation link below or simply turn up like a normal Pub.  

In the heart of historic St Ives' embrace,

Down a cobbled alley, a secret space.

A mere stone's throw from the River Ouse flow,

Whispers of past tales, in the shadows they grow.


The Snug, a relic of a time long ago,

When prohibition tales did echo and grow.

St Ives bustled, a Riverport of yore,

Tales of smugglers, mysteries, and much more.


Step inside, let the ambience entwine,

Discover St Ives' finest craft beer and wine.

In the heart of history, both old and new,

The Snug awaits with ale just for you.

We have a range of Craft Beers from independent UK breweries that are all served on draught, and we change that range every week.  Our wines are sourced from a local wine merchant and we make some of the best cocktails around.  We have live music once a month and you are guaranteed to make new friends!

We are also dog friendly.

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